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Bath time

As part of my reaffirmed commitment to routines I’ve started giving Hattie and Joe a daily bath after their late afternoon/early evening feed. Hattie gets the first bath, since she’s got sensitive skin and seems to fare best with a bit of Cetaphil and nothing else, and then she gets given a nice massage with Dermasoft while Joe is given his bath, with some soothing lavender baby bath stuff added to the water. This week I’ve done the baths and Mum has done the baby wrangling, and taken care of Hattie’s massage.

We’re very lucky because both babies have loved their baths from the start. Here are photos of the babies taken during their first baths at home:



This evening Hattie was very merry in the bath, kicking both legs like a little frog and taking particular delight, it seemed, in splashing water over the side. In response to her happy little face I sang to her: we had a Kiwi rock classic from my school days – ‘Who loves who the most’, by The Exponents; a couple of verses of ‘Lydia the Tattooed Lady’, which I could remember from my childhood Muppets album; ‘Halfway Up the Stairs’ and ‘Rainbow Connection’, also from the Muppets album; the Fraggle Rock theme song; and ‘They’re changing guards at Buckingham Palace’, to take it back to the old school.

Joe was in a more pensive frame of mind, so for him I sang Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Sound of Silence’ and ‘The Boxer’. He lay back in the water and looked thoroughly relaxed.

It’s times like this that I realise that the lovely, sweet side of having babies is starting to outweigh the hard, stressful side by a large margin. Yay!

4 thoughts on “Bath time

  1. Their bath enjoyment and your singing sound they were completely adorable! I thoroughly recommend a bath being part of the daily routine, it really helps to establish that this the pattern life takes as we wind down for the evening cos it’s bedtime soon. Though I imagine bathing two babies is quite a full on task! Updated bath photos please xx

    1. That’s my reasoning exactly, Vic – it should help them to know that it’s the end of the day, and that bedtime is soon to follow! Tonight I gave them each a separate feed after the baths (separate only because Hattie fell asleep after her massage), and then they were both straight to bed – Joe in his cot, and Hattie on the sofa (because we didn’t want her squawking and waking up Joe).

      Bathing two of them is fine as long as somebody else is here to help – I think that doing it alone would be pretty challenging. You’ll have to help me out when we’re home next week, and be my back-up singer! xxx

  2. Holly loved her first post-hospital bath…not keen on the second…and screamed like the water was hot lava durin bath #3. A week latr we braved #4 which ws only slightly better. The guilt of worrying the water is too hot (when it definitely isnt and I have cheaked it 80 times) is too much an we spong bath her now. Probably why bedtime for routineless Holly is about midnight!

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