4 thoughts on “Three months old

  1. Hello Jacqui! It’s your old Riddiford St flatmate here! You are not wrong – your babies are seriously cute!! Congrats to you – glad to ‘hear’ all about your journey so far (Anna had told me your happy news) and see you all thriving! You write so well…a book in the making perhaps?? Anyway, just wanted to say hi, keep up the good work and I promise to switch from lurker to commenter now! xx

    1. Hi Julie! Nice to hear from you, and thanks so much for your lovely comments! I hope that all is well with you – if memory serves me right, you’ve got one or two little rascals of your own, right? Xx

      1. Yes…although they’re much bigger rascals now, two girls aged 8 and 6…….the time flies! I remember reading someone saying she’d give anything to go back in time to have one day with each of her kids as babies, and I can relate to that now, with mine both at school. Call me crazy but I actually look forward to the school holidays! Wish I’d had a blog like yours to read when I was ‘in the trenches’ of babyhood 😉

      2. It’s lovely to hear how much you enjoy your kids’ company! And our two are lovely now that I’m slightly less ‘rabbit in the headlights’ about it most of the time..!

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