Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 1e journee

Hattie and Joe were the world’s happiest babies when they woke up today! Seriously, we’ve never seen such big smiles – and these two are babies that are always delighted to see us every morning.



From 7am onwards we were hanging out under the lovely covered veranda. Here’s Hattie with her Daddy:


Later, Hattie and Joe had their first roll around on French terra firma (albeit in the shade – even early in the day the sun is ferocious here):


In the afternoon Pat and I took the babies to the supermarket, and I was besieged by lovely older French ladies who wanted to talk to me about the babies. Sadly for me, they only wanted to speak French, and me apologetically telling them that I don’t speak French wasn’t enough to dissuade them from having long, involved conversations with me. So I smiled a lot and said “Harriet” and “Joseph”, and pointed to the appropriate child. It was so nice at the supermarket, both because French supermarkets contain all sorts of interesting things, and also because it was lovely and cool in there. It was 36C today, and the babies and I didn’t even manage a swim, as if was too hot to venture far from the shade. Hattie was particularly happy to be in the supermarket, and laughed and laughed as I pushed the two of them around. Funny little girl.

When we got home from the supermarket Hattie and Joe had a cuddle on their grandad Richard’s lap (and Joe wanted to hold hands with Hattie, which was super cute).


Hattie and Joe have some very cute outfits for this holiday, so they felt duty bound to pose for photos. Here’s Hattie with her Nanna:


I bought her that gingham romper suit second hand before she was born, and I’ve been itching for her to wear it. Meanwhile, Joe showed off his awesome new board shorts:


Later, he watched some of the Ashes with his grandad.


The babies went down for a nap at 6ish, and we’d thought that we’d get them up after an hour and then put them to bed much later in the evening. However, after waking the two of them up at 7pm they had epic meltdowns, so plans of an early evening swim with them, a bath, and a leisurely play before and after dinner were swiftly abandoned. We fed them both and put them back to bed, and they were asleep as soon as their heads hit the cot mattresses.



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