Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 2e journee

Today started with Hattie and Joe lolling around on our bed and chomping on Sophie la Giraffe, the quintessential French teething toy for the past few decades. I bought them a Sophie each during yesterday’s supermarket trip, and they love her.



After Hattie and Joe’s morning nap we all headed out to visit the big weekly market at nearby Riberac. It promised to be another hot day, so Hattie took sun protection very seriously:


She isn’t yet a fan of the sunglasses, hence her glum expression, so we relieved her of them before we went out. Both babies were liberally anointed with sunscreen, and Joe was ready to go:


The sun was so hot that we weren’t willing to trust sunscreen alone. We rigged up some muslin lap blankets for the pram:


Hattie’s Nanna bought her a sweet little dress to wear in the coming NZ summer:


After traipsing around for a while, we all retired to a cafe for a cold drink. The service was very slow, so I gave each baby a quick thirst-quenching feed while we waited. And then we took a couple of selfies:



By the time we returned to the car we had two grumpy babies on our hands:


They each had a ten minute sleep in the car, and then fought us tooth and nail when we tried to get them into bed for proper naps a wee while later. Very tiresome for all concerned. However, we finally managed to coax a two hour sleep out of each of them, and while they were asleep Pat organised something AWESOME.

Pat and Richard have a gorgeous swimming pool:


We’d intended to take the babies swimming, but hadn’t yet managed it for three reasons: the sun has been too ferocious for their baby skin; the water in the pool, while delightfully refreshing for us, is perhaps too cool for them; and – crucially – the awesome twin flotation device that we’d bought them was in the AWOL bag (which should arrive tomorrow). When this topic came up earlier today, Pat commented that she thought that she might have an inflatable paddling pool stowed away somewhere. Pat is one of those people who keep everything, and she has an enormous barn containing everything from Tristan’s childhood toys to Richard’s rarely used pieces of sporting equipment. I was expecting her to unearth a bog standard paddling pool, but this is what she rustled up:


That, my friends, is an enormous inflatable children’s pool shaped like a VW Bug. Too cool for words.

When the babies finally woke up we dressed them in their little fabric swimming nappies, ready for a dip. Joe was very sleepy…


Hattie was feeling a bit more chipper:


It turned out that the water in their pool was still a bit too cool for Hattie and Joe: Hattie dipped her feet in and had a happy little kick, but Joe was very unimpressed. Another day of sunshine on the water should do the trick. Here’s a video of what happened.

Before dinner we had a quick photo shoot to show off today’s outfits more effectively:



Today ended up being a two nap day for Hattie and Joe, the ten minute car nap notwithstanding, so they were knackered by the end of the day and were both asleep by 6pm. And now it’s 8pm and I’m just about ready to follow them. This is my rock star life, guys.

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