Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 3e journee

After a night of thunder and lightening yesterday, we woke up to a blessedly cooler morning. Hattie and Joe slept well, and after breakfast feeds and fruit they chatted to Mikey-Mike (AKA my father, back in NZ), they went back to bed. Although I’m struggling to get their afternoon naps on track here (more on that later), when they do sleep during the day they seem to settle down wonderfully – they had a two hour nap this morning. And they certainly made themselves comfortable…



For today’s outing we went to nearby Villebois, to sit in the medieval market square and have coffee. Hattie hung out with her Grandad Richard for a while…


…and then sat on her Nanna’s lap and showed off today’s little French girl outfit: a striped dress and white leggings.


Meanwhile, Joe sat on his Daddy’s knee and showed off his t-shirt and cargo shorts (which had ridden up a bit in this shot):


While we drank our coffee and watched French families at nearby tables eat their way through vast platters of oysters (bought at a market held in the square that morning), my two little sidekicks just hung out and soaked up the Gallic ambience.




Pat, Mum and I went to the supermarket and Tristan and Richard took Hattie and Joe home. Once again, we buggered up the afternoon nap by having the babies up for too long, so tomorrow Tristan and I are planning to stay at home and just hang out, so the two of them can get back to a normal routine. I’m sure this will do me good as well – I’m absolutely exhausted, a state that is manifesting itself by my irritability, a short fuse when faced with annoying comments or behaviour, and seemingly neverending problems with blocked milk ducts. Man, I am sick of blocked ducts! I’ve had them every two or three days for the past three weeks. It started when the babies started sleeping better and needing fewer night feeds, but I expected things to be resolved by now and for supply to have lessened to match demand. I know that being a bit tired and rundown doesn’t help with this kind of thing, and I now think that being permanently knackered is contributing to the problem.

Anyway, after horrendous battles young Hattie and Joe finally had a very good afternoon sleep, and then woke for feeds. Hattie is still struggling to adjust to solids and just stuck with le lait this evening, but Joe thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s kumara, corn and rice.



Mum, Pat and Richard went out for the evening, so Tristan and I have had a relaxed evening and are planning an early night and as much sleep as possible

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