Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 5e journee

We had an unsociably early start this morning: those crazy babies decided that 5am was an AWESOME time to hang out with their Mummy and Daddy. And so began another round of feeding, playing, nappy changing, and napping. That’s the truth of having a holiday with baby twins (and, I’m sure, any babies): when your day-to-day life involves being a full time parent, you don’t get a break from that because you’re on holiday – instead, you do exactly the same things each day as you’d do at home, albeit with your spouse’s constant company, and in a warmer climate.

So, one thing we did today was to buy some baby stuff. I don’t now whether I’ve mentioned it earlier: one of the babies’ two bags didn’t make it to Bordeaux, and still hasn’t been delivered. It isn’t lost, it’s just sitting in a courier depot somewhere and never seems to make it out to us. Every day, Tristan has futile conversations with the Air France reps, and every day, they promise that it will arrive. I expect that we’ll see it just before we head home. The missing bag contains a number of items, both useful and fun: the babies’ sleep wedges; some lovely muslins; my razor; my cleanser and moisturiser; Hattie’s special cleanser; the fab double pool float toy I bought for the two of them; our baby monitor…

We don’t want to replace stuff that will turn up eventually (she said, hopefully), but we discovered that we’re entitled to €100 each of compensation, upon the presentation of receipts. The money we spent today, on nappies, food (for Joe only; Hattie is back on nothing but breast milk), and clothes, will be reimbursed when we get back to New Zealand. Apparently. Anyway, we left the babies with their two grandmothers for an hour and did some shopping. And the clothes we bought were very cute, and were chosen in sizes to fit Hattie and Joe this coming NZ summer.

When we got home and the babies woke up from their nap we all headed to Aubeterre, which is a lovely village. We started off in the square, and tried to wait for a table in the shade, but it sounded like the delay might prove to be too lengthy for the younger members of our party:



We spotted a sign for another restaurant nearby, and I wondered aloud whether we might be better off seeing if there was a table available there. A local piped up to say that it would be a good choice for us, given that we had the babies in tow. Tristan and I headed up the street to check it out, and found that access required us to carry the double stroller up three short flights of stairs, and then to actually sit in the lovely garden terrace area involved taking the babies out of said stroller and collapsing it, before squeezing it between some tables, wrestling it into a corner, and then reinserting an increasingly hot and bothered Hattie and Joe. So yes, thanks for that, local guy: that was a REALLY easy lunch location with the babies in tow. Anyway, I had a lovely goat’s cheese salad. I adore goat’s cheese.

When we came home it was so hot that we decided to bite the bullet and take our two little pickles into the big pool (and they haven’t actually had a proper splash in their little pool yet, as it’s partially deflated). Here they are in their swimming outfits, all ready to go:


Tristan took the plunge with Joe fairly quickly, and poor little Joe was taken aback at the start, but he soon got used to it. Hattie and I crept in more slowly – largely because I’m a wuss about getting in the water – and Hattiekins was very brave and didn’t make any fuss at all. Here’s the first family pool photo (and it was very bright this afternoon, hence my squinty eyes!):


Here’s a short video of the babies in action. All of that swimming tired them out, too – they were in bed by 6pm. And then Hattie was up at 8.30pm, because her teeth were playing up. If its not one thing, it’s another..!

4 thoughts on “Les jumeaux en France: 5e journee

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time – love the photos, hope the missing bag turns up soon! Love from Sarah xx

    1. Thanks, Sarah! We’re taking advantage of the bag’s continuing absence and doing for another little shopping trip this morning, so you can expect to see so chic little baby neighbours this summer!

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