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Les jumeaux en France: 6e journee

After a pretty rotten night’s sleep (thanks to a very unhappy and unsettled Hattie-kitten, who continues to have tummy trouble, and who also seems to be teething constantly, but with no actual teeth to show for it), it was nice to have cuddles in bed with Baby Elmo this morning.


This little pickle was given rolling-around time, to see if it would help to get her system working well again (it didn’t).


I’m really struggling with Hattie at the moment – we both are, although Tristan is better than me at calming her down, and is probably faring better than me as a result. She’s always been ‘spirited’, but her tendency to make a very loud noise if things don’t go her way has always been tempered by her basic temperament, which is merry and sociable. During the past couple of days, and today in particular, she seems to be endlessly querulous – she has her cheerful moments, but for the most part her smiles are few and far between. It seems clear that she’s still very constipated, despite now being back on a breast milk only diet, and despite us trying to help things along with brown sugar, and even a baby laxative. The poor little pet is so uncomfortable. I really hope that the situation resolves itself tomorrow, for all our sakes

Anyway, today we went out to lunch in Brantôme, which is probably the nicest place I’ve been to in France. We’ve had lovely days out there in the past, and it didn’t disappoint this time either. And we planned things very well this time: we despatched everybody else ahead of us in a separate car, while we waited for the babies to wake up from their morning nap. I had to get this disheveled little man smartened up a bit before we could leave the house:


By the time we arrived in Brantôme everybody else had found a lovely place for lunch and we could just join them without also having to join in the “where should we eat” debate that always seems to occur if more than three people try to make gastronomic decisions. And because we’d arrived in a separate car, we were also able to make swift getaway and avoid baby meltdowns.

Here’s a view of the river Drone in Brantôme:


Tristan and the babies were heading to the restaurant in this shot:


And I scoffed a delicious ice cream on the way back to the car (with my two patient, but slightly fed up by this stage, sidekicks);


That silly hat is ESSENTIAL in this heat, so please excuse its sartorial limitations…

We all hung out for a while when we got home:



Hattie had cuddles with her Daddy:


And Joe and I took a selfie:


And then it was dinner time, so I buckled Joe into the high chair and let him go nuts with some roasted sweet potato. It was an experience that he tackled with his customary focus:


Here’s a video of his sub-par table manners. Tomorrow, we’ll do any hands-on eating with him naked except for his nappy, and sitting in a bumbo in the garden.

It’s nearly 10pm and I’ve got to go to bed. I’ve got blocked milk ducts AGAIN, and who knows how often those babies will wake us up tonight – we’ve already seen little Hattie once this evening…

2 thoughts on “Les jumeaux en France: 6e journee

  1. You poor thing with those milk ducts and poor Hattie. Holly went through a terrible pre-teeth phase where she had nasty smelling poo then when the actual teeth came through she barely made a fuss but blocked right up. We went the brown sugar route but I have heard that prune water (boil 6 prunes in some water and give them a spoonful of the juice) is very effective. Also nappy free time got Holly going again 😉 Best tried right before bath time!

    1. Bloody milk ducts! I have no idea why it’s taking them so long to adjust. And now that I’m fully feeding Hattie again, I guess I’ll have to start the whole process again in a few weeks! Boo! Hopefully her all-milk diet will prevent further tummy issues, though (but we’ve bought prune juice, to be on the safe side).

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