Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 7e journee

Great news, people: Hattie has dropped off a tiny kid at the baby pool! We’re not back to normal yet, but any movement in that area is a vast improvement. Sadly, this development didn’t occur in time to save us a terribly disrupted night, thanks to this poor little madam:


Fortunately, we had planned a quiet day at home. Joe practised his ball handling skills…


Hattie hung out with her Daddy…


And later on we tried a bit of outdoor nappy-free time, but neither baby was particularly enthusiastic about it. Joe sat around in his nappy and smooshed a bit more sweet potato:


I’m hoping that, one of these days, he’ll realise that sweet potato is edible.

In lieu of anything particularly exciting to photograph, I took a couple of shots to show Hattie and Joe’s French bathing arrangements:



And after their baths my two gorgeous babies spent some quality sibling time together on the sofa.


While waiting for his bedtime feed, Joe was highly entertained by Uncle Roy:


Hattie drank herself into a stupor and went straight to bed. She’s so peaceful when she’s sleeping…


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