Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 8e journee

Just a quick update tonight, as I’ve got a headache that stupid paracetamol won’t shift. But I had to share our good news: Hattie is well and truly back to normal! I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice to say that we have no doubt about the rude good health of her digestive system today. She’s back to being a breast-fed baby until we return to New Zealand, so we’re hopeful that we won’t have any further problems for the next few weeks.

Today the Nannas and other relatives went to Périgueux, and Tristan and I took Hattie and Joe to Angoulême. We didn’t get up to much – we just had a wee mooch around, and then had a lazy lunch (not much choice about it being lazy, seeing as how the waiting staff were moving with a total lack of urgency) – but it was very nice.

During the meal Joe, who was sitting on Tristan’s knee, decided that he wanted to teethe on a piece of bread:



He seemed to be so delighted to be sampling ‘proper’ food. Meanwhile, Hattie decided on a liquid lunch:


My odd smile in that photo can be explained by the fact that I’d just been eating salad and had God knows what stuck in my teeth!

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