Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 10e journee

Today was a quiet day at home – we’re finding that Hattie and Joe fare best if they have two days at home for every day out – and it’s just as bloody well: last night was a bit of a shocker. Both babies went straight back to sleep after their late evening feed, and from 11pm yesterday to 3am today all four of us were out for the count. But the two of them woke up for a feed, and then Hattie screamed and cried until 6.30 this morning. God knows how Joe managed to get back to sleep – Tristan and I certainly couldn’t manage it. Instead, Tristan walked around and around and AROUND the room while I watched blearily from the bed. I would have subbed in, but I have no knack of calming Hattie at the moment (which is a bit of a worry for both her and me, given that he’s heading to Spain on Monday).

This time round, Hattie seemed to be struggling because of a combination of trapped wind and sore teeth. Baby Neurofen was administered, but it still took three hours to get her back to sleep, and only then when we relaxed all rules and left her to sleep on her father’s chest. This was the sight on the other side of the bed when Joe woke me up at 7.30am:


And this was what I found when I snuck back into the room an hour later, to fetch a clean nappy:


Joe had breakfast, and then had a relaxing massage in the vibrating chair:


Here’s a video of him taking it easy…

Hattie and Tristan woke up just in time for Joe to go back to bed, so I went back to bed too, and had an hour of catch-up sleep, and then another 90 minutes after Joe had woken up again and been whisked out of the room.

Poor little Hattie was very otherwise all day. She’s usually such a merry little soul, but today she would hardly smile. She’s just out of sorts, and hopefully she’ll be on better form again soon.

Interestingly, the only time that Hattie was half-cheerful today was when Pat and Richard had som friends around for afternoon tea – in a way that has already become characteristic of her, she was on sparkling form while in company. Here’s the video evidence. I’ve spoken before about my suspicions that Hattie is my Nanna, reincarnated. This kind of behaviour is grist to that particular mill. And as you can tell from this tribute I wrote after my Nanna died, this wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

After the visitors left we watched a bit of sport on TV:


Took a selfie or two:


And had some cuddles:


Joe had his dinner:


And Hattie chomped her father’s hand:


The babies had their baths, and were swiftly dispatched to Cotsville, Bedfordshire – population: two.



It’s just past 10pm now, and OF COURSE both babies have been up already this evening. “This too shall pass” is my constant mantra at the moment…

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