Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 11e journee

There are some days with baby twins when everything is effortless, and you glide through the world like an airbrushed family from a Pumpkin Patch catalogue. The past 24 hours have not been one of those days! Hattie and Joe woke up for a feed at 10ish last night, and Hattie then screamed and cried for three or four hours, and would only go back to sleep when we settled her in our bed. It was her teeth playing up, and it was hellish for all concerned. Thankfully, Joe slept for nearly seven hours straight. Here are three of the four survivors of the Night of 1,000 Cries:


Hattie’s yowling continued relentlessly all morning, and well into the afternoon. For several hours she would only quieten down if she was held and jiggled by Tristan or me (and she greatly preferred Tristan), but then we realised that the vibrating chair would provide some temporary respite:


Sophie la Giraffe was given a good workout:


And finally, by the middle of the afternoon, she mellowed out a bit – presumably the repeated doses of baby Neurofen finally kicked in. When she’s unhappy she is the most miserable baby on earth, which is a stark contrast to her typically cheery demeanour, so it was so nice to see the real Hattie back with us! She started chomping her fists when she was four months old, but the past few days are the only time when teething has made her truly miserable. Surely we’ll actually see a tooth or two soon? I’ve certainly been feeling some ‘pressure’ when feeding… *bites fist*



Meanwhile, little Joe was having a good day until his nap was delayed (because he wouldn’t go to sleep on a spare bed, and we didn’t want to disturb the sleeping Hattie Monster by putting him into his cot), and then he went a bit feral for a while. But he perked up eventually, and in his own misguided way he tried to help Hattie out with her sore gums:


For the most part, he cruised through the day. He was particularly happy to entertain himself on a play mat that we uncovered in the babies’ room:




And he had a lovely bath:


We were supposed to head out to a music event this afternoon (Richard’s band was playing), but with the babies totally out of sync and the two of us completely knackered, we just couldn’t manage it – I didn’t make it out of my pyjamas until the middle of the afternoon.

My mother flies home tomorrow morning, and Tristan heads off to Spain and Germany to work for the rest of the month. To be honest, it doesn’t really feel like we’ve had a relaxing holiday – indeed, we think that the past 24 hours have perhaps been the hardest time we’ve had since Hattie and Joe were born. On one thing we’re agreed: we NEVER intend to go through the baby phase again!

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