Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 12e journee

Well, the best Daddy in the world has left for his three weeks of European-based work. Here he is this morning, fitting in some last minute hands-on father duty before Pat drove him to Bordeaux airport.


I’m not going to lie: the prospect of 21 Tristan-less days and nights is horrendous. It would suck even if we didn’t have two little wriggly babies needing constant attention, as he’s lovely and hilarious, and makes me happy just by being in the room. With Hattie and Joe added to the mix, the very thought of his absence makes me feel knackered. Still, at least I’ll have help from Pat, who has graciously shared the Nanna role with my mother before she flew back to NZ this morning, but who will now be up to her elbows in grandchildren.

The nights are the least fun part of dealing with Hattie and Joe by myself, but if they babies each only wake once or twice in the night, and I can quickly feed the awake baby and put them straight back to bed, we should be ok.

This afternoon Hattie, Joe and I whiled away the time in front of the TV with Richard, while Pat was out on her airport drop-off. Richard proved to be an excellent mother’s help, providing a grandfatherly spare pair of hands on several occasions. Both babies love sitting with him, but Joe decided that he wanted to get a bit more hands-on. First, he pulled some chest hair:


Next, he aimed for the glasses:


Swiftly followed by a grab for the nose:


And finishing up with the real target all along: the ‘tache:


Hattie was far more docile:


You’ll note that she’s happily handling a rugby ball, in keeping with her future role as the first woman coach of the All Blacks.

She’s a wee bit better today, although there’s still no sign of her teeth. She’s still off-colour on the whole, though – occasional cheery moments notwithstanding – and she’s been crying when I lie her down, and rubbing her ears a fair bit: I now think that she might have a teething-related ear infection. We’re going to take her to see Pat and Richard’s doctor tomorrow, to be on the safe side.

Until then, I’m enjoying the fact that I’ve successfully managed to feed and bathe both babies, and get them to sleep (although that did involve feeding Hattie to sleep – not something that I wish to make a habit, but needs must). I think I’ll be having an early night too!

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