Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 14e journee

Here’s the thing about having baby twins: 99% it’s pretty awesome. Busy, and knackering, and relentless, but fun. You get double the cute baby smiles, double the sweet feeding moments, and double the excitement when your precious child suddenly learns how to do something for the first time.

However, that other one per cent… oh my God, when it’s bad, it’s mind-bogglingly hideous. It’s “leave those children crying in their cots, grab your passport and credit card, and skip the country” horrendous. The 24 hours from Sunday bedtime until Monday bedtime was pretty hard, with Hattie being seriously unhappy on a constant basis, and poor Joe being farmed out to whoever had a spare pair of hands at the time (Richard was a very helpful grandad on Monday afternoon, while Pat was driving Tristan to the airport).

Hattie had me up every hour overnight on Monday, and again on Tuesday – during both nights, she’d only go back to sleep if I nursed her, and she screamed blue murder if I put her down in her cot. For a quiet life, and to minimise the disturbance to Joe, she ended up in my bed both nights. Here’s Her Hattjesty in situ on Tuesday morning:


Tuesday was bloody hard – Hattie was exhausting, and I was already operating at half speed. This was the face of a girl on a rampage:


Joe remained good-humoured in the midst of it all:


We had a Skype call with Tristan, and I immediately abandoned my resolution to not tell him about my domestic struggles…


We took Hattie to the doctor on Tuesday, to check that she didn’t have an ear infection. She was given the all-clear, and we were prescribed some more paracetamol, but the late afternoon appointment through the babies’ schedule out of whack, and Pat and I had a torrid Tuesday evening with two extremely unsettled babies. It was painfully reminiscent of the worst newborn days. Not fun. I was a broken woman by the end of the night, hence no post that day.

Happily, yesterday dawned much brighter for all of us. Hattie seemed like her old self again: Hattie the Hell Kitten had gone, and sweet little Hattie-cat had returned. She had some lovely cuddles with her Nanna and Grandad:



Pat was a godsend yesterday: she fed Joe his breakfast while I dealt with Hattie:


And she then put Joe to bed and urged me to head back to bed too, while she took care of Hattie. Getting some extra sleep made all the difference! She even coaxed a sofa nap out of young Hattie. Later, Hattie had a lovely snooze on the spare bed, looking for all the world like something out of a photo shoot:


Pat spent the afternoon building an Ikea drawer unit, and the babies and I spent a lovely few hours playing in the garden under the shade of a tree. Check out this little sweetheart:


And here’s my beautiful girl, back to her cheery self:


The babies had a chew of some nectarine slices in teething nets – a huge success!



And there are certainly worse places to spend an afternoon…




Joe finished the day by dining al fresco.


Hattie and Joe were such a delight all day yesterday, and it was an absolute pleasure to be their Mummy!

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