Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 15e journee

It’s been another chilled out day with my two tiny sidekicks (albeit after another night of hourly wake-ups from young Hattie, for whom this kind of thing may have become a habit…)

We did have one major screaming Hattie meltdown before her midday nap, for no apparent reason. She ended up needing me to pat her to sleep on my chest. Luckily, she was in the spare room again and didn’t disturb peacefully sleeping Joe. After gingerly transferring her off my chest and onto the bed (just like moving an unexploded bomb), I curled up on the bed as well and caught a 30 minute nap.

Hattie was awake in time to observe us in a haughty Downton Abbey manner as we ate lunch:


Her Nanna had the ingenious idea of cheering her up by rocking her on the awesome over-sized hammock:


God, I love that hammock. Any time the babies sleep at the same time and I’m not bogged down with domestic minutiae, I chill out on that hammock.

When Joe woke up as well we stripped both babies down to their nappies and returned to our favourite spot under the tree. Today, they had plums in their teething nets – plums plucked from the orchard this very morning. And I managed to dupe the two of them into taking on some water by adding some ice chips to their nets. While the plum/ice ratio was in their favour, they slurped away happily. When the balance tipped too far in favour of ice, they wouldn’t have a bar of it. Hmmm.

Anyway, we lay around and caught some rays, and it was all very pleasant!





And then we took a cheeky selfie:


And we went to Pat and Richard’s neighbour’s house for a quiet drink, which involved a late afternoon bath for the plum juice-splattered babies, a quick baby nap, fresh outfits (sorry, no photos of those), dinner for Joe, feeds for both babies, and a late bedtime. And they’re both asleep, hurrah! If you need me, I’ll be the one in bed.

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