Les jumeaux en France: 16e journee

Oh my God on my God oh my GOD last night was rough! I’ve already posted this on the Hattie and Joe Appreciation Society Facebook page, but I thought I’d record it here for prosperity as well: the account of what happened last night…

1952: feed Hattie and put her to bed
2011: feed Joe and put him to bed
2040: Joe’s asleep, after a couple of shush/pat visits
2055: Hattie’s asleep, after several shush/pat visits
2230: I go to bed
2231: I’m asleep
2320: Hattie’s awake
2321: feed Hattie and try to resettle her
2338: give Hattie some paracetamol
2340: Hattie’s asleep
2341: I’m asleep
0002: Joe’s awake
0003: feed Joe, resettle
0013: Joe’s asleep
0014: I’m asleep
0030: Hattie’s awake – resettle her
0045: Hattie’s awake again – resettle her
0050: I’m asleep
0135: Hattie and Joe are both awake and yowling – try to resettle, change nappies, administer Kids Calm, growl at Hattie when she bats away the Kids Calm dropper and spills it all over her sleeping bag
0155: both babies are asleep
0156: I’m asleep
0213: Hattie’s awake
0214: feed Hattie, resettle
0224: Hattie’s asleep
0225: I’m asleep
0309: Joe’s awake
0310: feed Joe, resettle
0320: Joe’s asleep
0321: I’m asleep
0345: Hattie’s awake – resettle her
0350: I’m asleep
0451: Hattie’s awake
0452: feed Hattie, resettle
0505: Hattie’s asleep
0506: I’m asleep
0615: both babies are awake and the day begins!

I always record the actual sleep times, but last night I kept track of resettling as well because I felt certain that I was up at least once an hour during the few previous nights. It turns out that I was being conservative in my estimates! The only good thing about last night is that I stuck with my intention to a) not demand feed all night, and b) do as much resettling in the cot as possible. I’d been very indulgent with Hattie earlier in the week, feeding her back to sleep and letting her stay in the bed with me, but that was because she was so under the weather and unhappy. However, I had the distinct impression that we were rapidly approaching the stage when we were crossing from ‘pandering to a poorly baby’ and ‘being taken for a bit of a ride by said baby’.

It is hard, though. She’s still not quite back to normal, as evidenced by the way that she turns feral if we skip her paracetamol dose. Either that, or she’s now a paracetamol junkie. She does grab the syringe and suck on it like it’s a crack pipe…

Anyway, we went to Riberac today, for the weekly market, and lucky little Hattie was bought two more pretty dresses (photos to follow tomorrow), and we had a nice drink in the sun:


And then we came home and the babies slurped some watermelon in their teething nets (cue some excellent appreciative eating noises from Joe), and then Hattie had a tiredness-related meltdown, and then they both had naps, and I managed 20 minutes of sleep, and then Hattie was Hattie Hell Kitten for the rest of the afternoon, and I have seldom been more thankful to get them to bed for the night. But they went to sleep quickly, I had a lovely dip in the pool, Pat made me dinner, I spoke to my father on Skype and checked out my sister’s beautiful wedding photos, I did the evening feed, and now I’m off to bed!

By the way, Hattie and Joe are seven months old today! And we’ve left the monkey at home and I can’t do their regular photo. Boo! But I’ll write a seven month update tomorrow, when I’ve (hopefully) had more sleep.

2 thoughts on “Les jumeaux en France: 16e journee

  1. Oh my word that sucks it big time! I have to say I’m hating the whole teething thing and Elsie is similarly addicted to the calpol /baby nurofen syringe. Life has improved a little since I was told I can alternate between the two every two hours if things are really rough but then I’m a little worried I have a semi-drugged daughter the whole time. The not napping during the day plus teething means she has hit monster mode most afternoons and we had a three hour screamfest today. She is sleeping at night (again this is due to baby nurofen though) and at least it’s just the one baby to resettle. Hope you manage to catch up on your sleep sweetie. Do let us know when you are around in London. The only dates I definitely can’t do are 19-22nd September as away for a wedding and christening. Xx

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