Twin life

Seven months old

Hattie and Joe are seven months old! And as I noted yesterday, we didn’t bring their monkey with them and can’t take the monthly photo. Instead, here’s a shot of Hattie giving Joe a head massage this morning.


As all of you who read my blog on a regular basis will know, I’m finding life as a twin mother challenging and rewarding in equal measure at the moment. Hattie and Joe are adorable, hilarious, affectionate, relentless little mentalists, and I love them beyond all measure. They’re also in possession of their own very distinct personalities these days, so I thought that it was time for a little quiz.


For each of the following scenarios choose the option that best suits you.

1. You’re out for dinner, and your dining companion has received their food before you. Do you:

A: wait patiently for your food?
B: burst into tears, reacting as if you’re starving to death?

2. You’re out running errands, and you see a stranger. Do you:

A: give them a cursory glance, and get on with your day?
B: stare at them with unblinking eyes, seemingly memorising their every feature in case you hear them described on Crimewatch one day?

3. When having a poo, do you:
A: turn bright red, and grunt and groan, not unlike a woman giving birth?
B: quietly get about your business, and possibly indulge in a satisfied smile at the end?

4. You’re at a party. Do you:

A: spend most of the night chatting intently to one or two people?
B: flit around the room talking to everybody, and stand on a table to attract attention if necessary?

5. While peacefully eating some watermelon, a companion notices that you’ve got a small seed stuck to your cheek. They helpfully remove it from your face. Do you:

A: placidly continue eating your watermelon?
B: throw down your watermelon, burst into tears, and scream inconsolably for the next half an hour?

6. When you wake up, are you:

A: slightly groggy for a few minutes, and not necessarily in the mood for lively conversation straight away?
B: so wide awake and perky that it’s as if you’ve been intravenously fed coffee overnight?

7. You’re hanging out in a bar. Do you:

A: largely ignore everybody and watch TV?
B: totally ignore the TV and interact with your fellow patrons?

8. When it comes to smiling, do you:
A: make people work for your grin, but then show them that it’s worth it by beaming at them like they’re the best thing you’ve ever seen?
B: bestow your smile indiscriminately, reminiscent of somebody seeking political office?

9. While serving you, your waiter is unavoidably called away for a moment. Do you:

A: pitch a massive fit, with a look of complete horror on your face and tears rolling down your cheeks?
B: wait reasonably calmly, as long as the delay isn’t excessive?

10. You’re at the supermarket and you feel particularly cheerful. Do you:

A: largely contain your contentment, perhaps sharing a smile with somebody who catches your eye?
B: laugh loudly and maniacally at random moments as you cruise the aisles?


Count up your A responses and B responses.



Congratulations! You’re on Team Joe. You’re easy-going and sweet natured, and you take pleasure from simple things. As long as nobody interrupts your dinner, you’re cool.



Congratulations! You’re on Team Hattie. Patience isn’t your strong suit, and at times you’re somewhat unpredictable, but you’re vibrant, engaging, and hilarious.

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