Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 22e journee

Hello everybody! Just a quick post with photos from the last couple of days. We’ve mainly stuck close to home, which has been relaxing. Hattie, Joe and I are sleeping much better and are in good spirits for the most part, although little Joe was under the weather today: he’s got a nasty cough, and when we went to the doctor an ear infection was uncovered. He didn’t want breakfast or dinner today, which is very unusual, but he’s on antibiotics and I’m hoping that he’ll be on the mend tomorrow.

Yesterday started with an early morning play session in the bedroom:



In the afternoon we set up a mini swimming pool in the garden (which Hattie LOVED) – Joe wasn’t quite so keen:



We had some reluctant models today:


They cheered up after slurping some watermelon:



And after a skinny dip in the garden Hattie and Joe had some rudie nudie no-nappy time:


6 thoughts on “Les jumeaux en France: 22e journee

  1. They are so lovely. You are doing an amazing job of documenting their babyhood through your blog and photos. Hats off to you.

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