Twins on tour

Les jumeaux en France: 25e journee

The French adventure continues! On Friday we returned to Brantôme so I could check out their weekly market (having sucked the marrow of Riberac’s Friday market after a couple of visits). It was very nice – Brantôme is a great deal more picturesque than Riberac, for starters – and the stalls were good. Pat bought Joe a cute little outfit (and I will take the promised photos of these new baby outfits soon), and we found some adorable wooden toys. Pat bought Hattie and Joe a cool wooden alligator alphabet (I might have to photograph that as well, so you know what I’m talking about), and I bought them a beautiful farmyard mobile for their room.

It was very hot, so we stopped for a restorative Coke.



We’ve stuck close to home for the weekend. Joe has continued to be grizzly and fairly miserable. I dressed him up as Baby Elmo in an attempt to lift his spirits, but it didn’t work…


Hattie’s been in excellent spirits.


The big news of the weekend is that Hattie and Joe are becoming good sitter-uppers! This is very exciting, and should really broaden their horizons. Here’s the proof:



And now it’s only eight more sleeps until Tristan rejoins us. Hurrah!

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