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Nine months old

We’re on the downhill slide to the big first birthday, and I can’t quite believe it! Here is the official nine month old photo:


And that’s the best that I could do this month! Check out the two failed attempts to get them to sit next to each other or lie down together on the living room floor…



And that high level of wriggliness and mobility explains why I haven’t updated my blog for a month: these two are all go, all of the time, and when they’re asleep I have to rush around like a lunatic, vacuuming, tidying, doing the laundry, cleaning up after their last meal, preparing their next meal, and occasionally indulging in ‘me time’ as exciting as having a shower, or eating lunch.

It’s got to the point where I can scarcely head to the kitchen section of our open plan living area and leave them without direct supervision for more than ten seconds. I have a new best friend, though: the play pen. I’ve set it up next to the kitchen, and for a few days I left it full of fun toys and didn’t let either baby get inside. Eventually, after Hattie had crawled over there several times and looked longingly through the bars, I ‘allowed’ them to spend a few minutes in there. They loved it, and now I can park either of them in there, or both at once, while I’m taking somebody out to the car or whatever, and they think that it’s brilliant. Oh yes: I’ve outsmarted two babies! *self-congratulatory fist pump*

The other reason for recent busyness was Hattie and Joe’s baptism, which was held a couple of weekends ago. It was such a lovely day, but it involved making lunch for around 70 people, so it kept me fairly occupied. I’ll write a separate blog post about it in the next day or two.

Despite the hectic nature of life these days, I am LOVING this baby stage. Hattie and Joe have settled into their new two sleep, three meal routine really well, and they’re just the happiest and loveliest little creatures. And so much fun! Here’s a wee update on each of them…



This girl of mine is such a delight! As I predicted early on, she’s a bit of a firecracker, with a very strong will (and a low tolerance of things not going her way), but any negative connotations associated with being such a strong personality are easily compensated by her lovely, merry nature and her seemingly endless fascination with the world around her.

When we came back from France both babies were at pretty much the same stage, developmentally: able to sit up unsupported and play with toys in a whole new way. However, Hattie soon abandoned playing in favour of crawling: she practised and practised until she figured it out. It was actually pretty amazing to see such tenacious behaviour in a child so young. Her new favourite game is to visit me in the kitchen, and then to try to play with Tui’s water…

Hattie’s appetite has grown well, and she likes most food, although she still has a marked preference for purées over anything with much texture. This month’s challenge will be to convince her to eat slightly more substantial choices.

Hattie is sleeping like an absolute champion these days: more often than not she’ll sleep through from 6.30pm until 6am, and if she does wake up during the night, it’s for one quick feed at 3ish.



My little Joe is unbelievably sweet, and rarely stops smiling these days – he only gets grumpy if he’s hungry or tired, and just beams at me the rest of the time. He’s the kind of baby who will pick up one toy, or spot one item in the room, and then explore it with utter absorption and fascination. His sister is often one such ‘item’: he watches her while she voyages around the room with such delight on his face, as if he can’t quite believe that this crazy girl is related to him! He’s also enraptured by Tui, and beams when she comes near him.

Joe is almost able to crawl, but at present he’s slightly hampered by his habit of suddenly straightening one leg when he’s just about to start moving. However, even by rolling he can get around the room fairly swiftly. And he beat Hattie in the race to be able to pull himself up into sitting after he’d reached his destination (although Hattie has now figured that out as well).

Joe is a joy to feed solids: he will eat ANYTHING. We took the babies to a tapas restaurant over the weekend, and, amongst other things, he tried calamari, goat’s cheese, and lamb. Textured foods don’t bother him all that much, so I’m hoping that he’ll set a good example for Hattie as I change their menu slightly.

Joe has slept through the night a few times, but recently he has been up once each night for a feed. I need to wean him off it, as he clearly doesn’t need it.

Anyway, that’s the update for this month. If you haven’t yet seen them, check out these recent videos: the babies sharing a bath, ‘sharing’ toys, and rocking out to Bon Jovi.

2 thoughts on “Nine months old

  1. What a lovely post! I love the way you write so descriptively about them and their personalities. It will be lovely to have these records later on. (I always wished that I had written some baby stuff when mine were little). Not sure how you find the time or energy to be honest!! Also, loving your play pen strategies! You are a clever mummy!!

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