Free range babies

The weather is steadily improving here, and it’s starting to feel almost summery. Eager to make the most of it, particularly after I largely missed out on enjoying last summer on account of being enormously pregnant, and then being housebound with mewing newborns, I’ve been out for a walk with Hattie and Joe most afternoons.

And because it’s actually dry underfoot, I’ve introduced the babies to the great outdoors by actually taking them out of the buggy and letting them get to grips with the world around them.

On Monday they sat in the sun on a grassy patch near the beach (and the sunniness explains their squinty little faces):




Yesterday afternoon we had a lovely walk on the beach with my friend Volli from our antenatal class, and Jack and Lily, who are exactly one month older than Hattie and Joe (and seriously cute). After our walk, we spend half an hour chilling out on the beach, and the four babies played in the sand for the first time.

Joe alternated between marvelling at the world around him, and scoffing a crisp bread that Volli gave him:




Hattie played with Jack’s sippy cup, before joining him to knock down sand castles (closely observed by Lily):



I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to take the babies for a swim!

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