At the playground

Our suburb is lovely for many reasons: the park that backs onto our garden (an enormous lawn that we don’t have to mow!); the gorgeous beach only ten minutes’ walk from our house; the great cafes; the primary school just up our road; Tristan’s five minute commute… And one of the great assets is the fully fenced children’s playground – how handy is that going to be when our crawling babies are running around?

Tristan had a day off today, and the sun was shining, so we went to the playground and and captured the photo that is something of a landmark amongst twin parents: the classic ‘two babies in one swing’ shot (or two fairly average shots, in our case):



And then the babies tried the slides for the first time. Hattie had one (heavily assisted) try of the baby slide, and then posed for a photo at the bottom:


Joe bravely tackled the big kids’ slide:




Hattiekins couldn’t believe her eyes:


(Check out her hair!!!)

Inspired, she was all set to abandon the slide and conquer the entire playground…


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