Twin life

Eleven months old

Oh yes: we’re well and truly on the downhill slide to the big first birthday! Here are my two big eleven-month-olds, enjoying some frozen mango with their best monkey friend.


We’ve had a fairly tumultuous month, filled with happy and miserable milestones…

First steps: Hattie is striding along behind a dolls’ pram or walker, and Joe has taken the occasional, very tentative step. Hattie’s also standing unsupported for increasingly long periods, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to walk unaided within the next few weeks. Both she and Joe are pulling themselves up into standing really easily, and confidently cruising the furniture.

First hellish nights of teething: Each baby’s first tooth or two popped up without fanfare, but we weren’t spared teething mayhem in the end – early last week we had three nights of terrible teething, with two seriously unhappy babies. I think the main problem was that both babies, and Joe in particular, we’re cutting two or three teeth at a time. Joe’s still a bit dicey at night, and we’ve had a few 1am teething dramas. We should buy shares in whichever pharmaceutical company makes Baby Neurofen, because that stuff is worth its weight in gold. Having twins is not fun when teething strikes, as those awful nights involved tag-teaming. Horrible for all concerned! However, I have friends whose babies have cut one tooth at a time and had a terrible time for every single tooth, so I guess we should be slightly thankful of a) having made it to nearly eleven months before experiencing this for ourselves, and b) having short, intense teething episodes, rather than endless tooth-related grouchiness.

Fussy eating: Teething has not helped matters at meal times! Before the hellish few nights, both babies became super-fussy with food for at least a week – I was rapidly approaching my wits’ end. Joe only wanted to feed himself, Hattie only wanted to be fed runny purée, and every second thing I gave them – finger food or off a spoon – would be dribbled down their chins or raspberried straight back at me. SO FRUSTRATING! It’s seems that both babies’ behaviour was tooth-related: Joe didn’t want a spoon in his mouth, and Hattie didn’t want to chew anything. Joe’s behaviour was also linked to his growing keenness to feed himself, so these days I’m closing my eyes to the mess and letting his hand join mine on the spoon. The eating issues have settled down a bit over the past week, and now both babies get a combination of finger food and spooned-in food with every meal.

First gastric bug: This certainly wasn’t fun good times – we ended up in the emergency room one Sunday afternoon, after Joe started throwing up every couple of minutes. It was quite scary to see how poorly he became in such a short time. The vomiting stopped that evening, to be followed by a day of horrible nappies. Thankfully, Hattie managed to avoid catching it as well.

Lots of playing together:. Their ever-improving abilities to move around the room easily give Hattie and Joe endless opportunities to play together, which is lovely to watch. They really seem to adore each other (99% of the time…), and they make each other laugh all day. Here’s a fairly long (four minutes plus) video of Hattie playing peek a boo with Joe.

In a week’s time we’ll celebrate Hattie and Joe’s first Christmas. We’re heading down to visit my family for a few days, which should be great fun – I’m sure that everybody will make a huge fuss of them. Tristan, Hattie, Joe and I wish you all a very happy Christmas too!

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