Twin life

First Christmas

We’ve just returned to Auckland after spending a week with my family and celebrating Hattie and Joe’s first Christmas. We had such a lovely time! As always, my mother did everything she could to make life as easy as possible for us, which included buying two great high chairs for her littlest visitors:


We stayed with my parents, and my two sisters and their husbands, partners, and children spent most of the day with us. Everything was very relaxed, with presents, snacks, and a yummy evening dinner.

Hattie and Joe were spoiled rotten, and received crazy piles of presents. We gave them a little pile of things – some small toys, a new outfit each, and a couple of books – and then my family (my lovely parents, in particular) went absolutely nuts and bought them heaps of things. We flew home for Christmas, and we couldn’t fit most of their presents in our bags for the return trip! Luckily, we’ve got relatives visiting from Scotland at the moment, and they’ve agreed to act as a courier service for us.

Here are a few shots from the big day itself:







Those photos are very Joe-heavy because Hattie rarely stays still for more than three seconds at a time these days!

Here are Hattie and Joe with all of their cousins (who doted on them):


The whole week that we spent back home was lovely – we took the kids swimming a couple of times, did a lot of hanging around and relaxing, and generally took it easy.

Once we got back to Auckland we managed to combine chilling out with getting a few things done around the house. It’s been so hot here, so we’ve had plenty of walks on the beach, and eaten a lot of ice cream. We also gave the babies their big Christmas present, which couldn’t fit on the plane with us:


It’s proved to be extremely popular:


And now it’s only two more sleeps until Tristan has to be back at work, which sucks! But we’ve for lovely things to look forward to this summer, including a visit from Pat and Richard, Tristan’s mother and stepfather, and – of course – the big first birthday!!

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