Feeding themselves

I don’t think I’ve posted too much about Hattie and Joe’s adventures with eating solids, largely because I’ve been too busy making their meals and then trying to convince them to eat them to be able to actually write about them! At times I’ve started to understand one of the reasons behind some women’s choice to breast feed for a very long time: it’s a damned sight easier than preparing food for babies to spoosh down their chins, blow back at your face in raspberries, or hurl overboard.

However, tonight I’m setting aside the traumatic memories of dishes lovingly prepared and then largely rejected: tonight, I’m singing the praises of my good eaters! My big challenge has been to move Hattie and Joe away from spoon-fed mush and onto self-fed finger food. Joe has been reasonably good about feeding himself – he really likes food, in news that will surprise nobody – but Hattie is a trickier proposition. Faced with any food more complex than a smooth mash, and she wrinkles up her nose, sometimes deigns to taste it, and then chucks most of it away. We’ve gradually been able to introduce some finger food to her diet, like crispbread with hummus, and the occasional sandwich, but for the most part she’s just sat in her high chair and wanted for the Mummy-feeding portion of the meal to begin. And that mix of spoon feeding and finger feeding has had to continue, because if I didn’t do it she’d miss a few meals and then want more breast feeds, and that’s not the path we want to go down.

Anyway: tonight. I have no idea what got into the two of them, but check out these two action shots from dinner…



I made them pasta with chopped up ham and grated cheese, and fully expected it to be summarily rejected, but they both started eating straight away! And what’s more, Hattie was the most enthusiastic eater! And they also ate a steamed carrot stick each, and shared a spoon-fed bowl of mashed kumara, pumpkin, carrot, and Granny Smith apple, and shared a bowl of custard and peaches, and ate a mini gingerbread man each, and a rice cracker each. Biggest meal ever!

Given that this five course banquet was followed by a bedtime breast feed, I really hope that they might manage to last past 4am tomorrow before wanting their morning feed…

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