Twin life

One year old!

Well, we did it: we’ve successfully kept Hattie and Joe happy and well for an entire year. Hurrah!

Here’s the obligatory monkey photo:


Their birthday passed reasonably calmly yesterday, with a lovely morning tea with our wonderful neighbours, followed by a photo shoot and cake smash in the afternoon. Today is shaping up to be pretty low key, but tomorrow everything will go mental: we’re throwing a birthday play date and turning our living room into a baby mosh pit for the morning. We decided against doing the standard “we’ve survived the first year, let’s invited all of our nearest and dearest” type of celebration because we did that for the babies’ baptism in October. Instead, we thought that it would be nice to just let the kids have some fun, so we’ve only invited Hattie and Joe’s baby friends and their parents. It’s going to be crazy – we’ve got 16 or 17 babies coming!

Anyway, to celebrate our gorgeous children’s big milestone I thought that I’d share with you the birthday cards that Tristan and I wrote for them – he did one, and I did the other (I think we’ll do it like this every year).



My darling Joseph,

Whether Joe, Joe Pickle, Little Monkey Man, you have been the most wonderful son in this your first year.

We have loved you, laughed with you and taken absolute joy from seeing you grow and learn.

The year has flown by, my darling little boy. It seems like yesterday that we were seeing you come into the world. You were, even then, a quiet little soul and that is a trend that has continued. You sit and watch the world go by and occasionally pop out a coy little smile, charming all around you.

As you can probably tell, your mummy and I are absolutely besotted with you.

With every ounce of love we have to give to you and your wee sister,

Mummy & Daddy xxx



Dear little Hattiekins,

You’re one year old! How exciting!!

The past twelve months have been so much fun as we’ve got to grips with life as Mummy & Daddy to you & Joe – we’ve stumbled through it, learning on the job, but you’ve both been very tolerant of us…

Hattie, you are the world’s most brilliant little girl. Already your sunny personality and charming nature make everybody smile when they see you – and that’s not even taking into account the fact that you’re absolutely beautiful! I love your independent spirit: the way that you’re always looking for something new. I’m so proud of your fearlessness, because it reassures me that you feel so happy & secure every day.

I love how happy you are, and how much fun you have each day – the way that you catch my eye and smile hundreds of times a day, and find ways to entertain Joe & me each day with your games of peek-a-boo. I greatly admire your tenacity – you’re already walking, you clever little pickle, and it’s because you were so determined to do it! I’m so delighted for you!

And I love the way that you take a moment every now and then to gaze into the distance, sucking your thumb and daydreaming. I can’t wait to discover what my gorgeous girl will do next. I love you so much – thank you for being my wonderful daughter!

Lots and lots of love,

Mummy & Daddy xxx

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