One nap a day

Well, we had to change Hattie and Joe’s routine and drop one of their day sleeps, and all hell has broken loose as a result. The timing is absolutely perfect, as I’m currently trying to revise for two exams. Joy!

Joe really forced our hand with the sleeps, as he just wasn’t willing to continue with the old two nap regime. We managed to stretch things out for quite a while, partially to accommodate Hattie (who loves her sleep), and partially to wait and make the change when I was at home more (on study leave, and then on holiday), but by the end even shortening the morning sleep to 30 minutes was too much: Joe would either refuse it, or he’d sleep then and refuse to sleep at all in the afternoon.

The problem is that both children are quite early risers, with Joe being particularly fond of waking up long before the dawn chorus. If we manage to sleep past 5.30am at the moment it’s a good day. As I view anything before 6am to be the middle of the night, this makes me very tired. And the kids’ bedtime doesn’t seem to have any impact – it ranges from 5.45pm (if they’ve had rotten sleep that day) to 6.30pm/6.45pm (if they’ve had a good day sleep), but Joe will wake up at 5ish, regardless.

Of course, if you’re 16 months old, being awake from 5ish to, say, 11am, is a bit of a struggle. And if you then only sleep for an hour or so at 11am, staying awake from 12pm/12.30pm until bedtime is also hard work. We have some very tired children on our hands at the moment. Matters aren’t helped by the fact that they’ve both got colds, and are endlessly teething – while she was mid-wail just before today’s nap, I spotted two new teeth that had broken through in Hattie’s mouth. For you Wonder Weeks fans, they’re also at the beginning of their last ‘leap’, which is huge, apparently, and likely to cause all sorts of mayhem.

This afternoon they finally went to sleep by about 11.15am, after Hattie wailed the house down when I changed her nappy beforehand (classic overtired behaviour), and then Joe sat in his cot and screamed his head off until I relented and ‘shush/patted’ him to sleep (also classic overtired behaviour). For the past few days one of them will sleep for more than two others, and the other one will wake up within an hour and refuse to resettle, and each day they take it in turn to be the good sleeper, so today my fingers are firmly crossed that they’ll both give Mummy a break and sleep until 1pm, at least.

Thankfully it’s sunny today, so when they do wake up and have had a snack, we’ll head out for a long walk, in the hopes that some fresh air will knacker them.

Anyway, that’s one of the main things that is going on with us at the moment – I’ll save everything else for their monthly update in a few days’ time. In the meantime, here’s a photo of them trying popcorn for the first time yesterday (most of it ended up on the floor):


And guess what? Joe’s just woken up…

Our multiple birth club is running an information evening with the Baby Sleep Consultant next Thursday, so I’ll be sitting in the front row, desperate for suggestions about how to sort out this early waking issue.

4 thoughts on “One nap a day

  1. One nap a day was rough at the beginning then we go a great routine going and now mummy gets (usually, if shes very very lucky) 3 HOURS peace. Ahhhh) It works best if we go for a morning walk though or else it can get iffy.

  2. the one nap transition is so tough… but they just need a good week or two to get their body clocks used to it. After a while those one hour sleeps will extend into lovely long naps! Good luck

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