Twin life

21 months old


Apologies for the tardy update! That photo was taken on the 16th, as per usual, but finding time to actually post it was a challenge.

People, we have LITTLE KIDS now! Kids with their own preferences and opinions, who can both communicate their likes and dislikes with us, do things deliberately to either make us laugh or wind us up, and occupy themselves in all sorts of creative – and often non compliant – ways. Hattie has a vocabulary that may soon exceed mine, and is busily teaching herself colours, how to count, and various other things that make me wonder whether she might be one of those little weirdo kids who start reading before they’re three. And when he’s not building towering structures with his stacking cups, Joe has started to toilet train himself. During the past five or six days (and I’m writing this on the 25th), he’s asked for the potty several times a day and produced the goods (of both varieties) pretty much every time. Life is never dull with toddler twins.

Every day I think of things that should be shared in this blog, but the combined work loads of motherhood, university, and voluntary stuff (not to mention an occasional desire to just relax and do nothing) mean that it can be challenging to write much. However, I’ve got exams in early November and then three and a half months off (aside from some multiple birth club-related projects up my sleeve), so I’ll be able to update far more often. I promise! Here are some recent photos, in the meantime.









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