One minute, Mummy!

There are so many things going on with the kids every day that I forget what I’ve told people, and what I’ve forgotten. One such thing is Hattie’s recent tactic for delaying whatever (in her eyes) outrageous request, such as coming over for a nappy change. It involves an imperious finger in the air, and the command “One minute, Mummy!” And finally I have photographic evidence of it:


I have finally found a tactic of my own: counting. If I tell her that I’m going to count until ten and then she needs to come over, it always seems to work. I count out loud, slowly, and I’ve never actually discussed what the consequences of non-compliance will be, but I think she must have figured out that time out may be involved. Ordinarily I don’t get past five or six before she’s joined me. The most challenging part is resisting the urge to laugh out loud at this little display of toddler attitude.

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