Art is all around…

Just a quick post because I really need to revise for my upcoming Law exam, but I need to be reassured that it’s normal for a house with two three year olds in it to look like this…

Our entire kitchen is covered in Hattie and Joe’s art and their toilet training sticker charts, and the art is spreading to the living room door as well – and this is just a fraction of their recent artistic efforts: they’re also a stack of paintings on the table, and a huge pile of it in their wardrobe, – oh, and another stack tucked down the side of their chest of drawers.

The two of them go to two play groups each week, and also have two kindy days, and Pauline, their au pair, does a lot of art with them as well. And they want me to hang everything, and never take down anything.

(And please don’t be duped by the sophisticated witch and Nemo/Dory pictures on the door in the bottom right-hand shot – Hattie and Joe greatly enjoy playing artistic director and instructing accommodating au pairs or Nannas to draw things for them…)

Don’t get me wrong, I love having their paintings hung up, but I think I’m going to have to work out a diplomatic way of establishing a ‘one picture up – one picture down’ policy fairly soon, before the entire house is wallpapered…


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