Twins on tour

Hattie and Joe’s French Adventures: treasure hunt

This morning Hattie and Joe woke up and decided to be pirates. 

If there’s one thing that a pirate needs, it’s treasure. We decided to go to Verteillac’s monthly Sunday ‘brocante’ (or flea market) and see what we could scrounge from the local landlubbers. 

The brocante was pretty much spread over the entire village, and Pirate Mummy wished she could ditch the kids had have a proper rummage aground…

Pirate Hattie’s one goal had been to find a precious necklace, and she was very happy when she managed it:

The stall owners were very kind when we told them that we were hunting pirate treasure, and set their prices accordingly. Being in a country that had abandoned its currency in favour of the Euro a few years ago made the hunt for treasure coins quite fruitful. 

Pirate Hattie and Pirate Joe took a brief break for hot chocolate and some silly posing:

(In case you don’t already know, Joe’s modelling the preferred cap-wearing style for all pirates). 

Once we got home the two pirates were delighted with their spoils:

So precious!

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