Twins on tour

Hattie and Joe’s French Adventures: storming the chateau (and swimming)

This is our last day on our mid-holiday mini-break (before heading back to spend another week with Pat and Richard), so we endeavoured to fit a lot into it. 

First on the agenda was a pre-breakfast walk, during which we checked out the local goats and horses, and generally soaked up our surroundings. After breakfast we visited yet another gorgeous village for yet another market: today it was Monpazier (‘mon-paz-e-ar’), reputedly one of the most beautiful villages in France. It was gorgeous, with most of the buildings contained within a square site on top of a hill, and archways signalling the entrance to the village proper:

After checking out the stalls and visiting the church (and once again Hattie had to be prised away from the place, and once again the religious surroundings prompted in Joe the immediate need for a loo trip), we had a drinks break, and then drove to nearby Château de Biron, which is so enormous that it was the prominent landmark we spied from our Montflanquin vantage point the day before. The views were amazing:

However, we had to earn them by walking up a LOT of steps:

After some great sightseeing, which included Hattie and Joe seeing what a loo looked like in the olden days:

We had a lunch break and were kept waiting for what seemed like eons before we were finally fed. Spirits were high initially, but did dip as the afternoon went on:

However, we made it home to the hotel eventually, and after a restorative rest in the shade we were ready to enjoy the pool for the final time:

The drive back to Pat and Richard’s house is only a couple of hours long, so we’ll take it at a slow pace tomorrow and probably check out Bergerac on the way. I bet you $10 that there’ll be a market of some kind on…

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