Twin life

I want to be alone!

I hesitate to write this, because I don’t want to tempt fate, but given that I’ve reported on our use of time outs in the past, and taking into account the great recent frequency of my complaints (to friends and family) about my children’s belligerent attitudes, I thought that a new development might be of interest.

Hattie has started taking herself off to her bedroom when she’s cross. At first, when I noticed it, I thought that it was a coincidence, but Tristan and Pauline, our current au pair, have both noticed it too: when tensions have risen, she’s decided against her recent habit of screaming blue murder, and has instead left the room. After a minute or two we’ve found her in her bedroom – sometimes seething quietly and in need of a cuddle, but other times (like today, with me) just quietly playing. When I realised that I hadn’t seen her for a couple of minutes today I found her in her room and she happily came back to the living room with me.


Could this mean that she’s actually starting to learn how to regulate her own behaviour a bit, and give herself time and space to calm down if she’s starting to feel angry, rather than just turning feral? Or am I hopelessly optimistic to believe that a three year old can do this?

Either way, it’s a damned sight nicer to deal with than her previous habit of losing the plot and subjecting us all to her wrath, so I’m more than willing to roll with it!

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