Twin life

Oh my GOD: Four.

I can’t believe this: Hattie and Joe are four. FOUR! Take a minute and read back through my archives from February and March 2013. Did you ever honestly think I would still be relatively sane nearly four years later?!

Hattie and Joe had a lovely party on Saturday, with nearly all of their friends (bar a few holiday and chickenpox-related absentees, and the unfortunate determination of their friends Edith and Lottie’s parents’ stubborn refusal to up sticks and move to Auckland). It featured: a bouncy castle; a game of Pass the Parcel in which only a couple of the 21 young guests lost their shit at the prospect of not opening more than one layer of wrapping paper; a lot of party food that I made and, frankly, never thought would get eaten – I’d underestimated how much sweet food four – eight year olds can consume, clearly; amazing presents for both kids (I’m going to be writing thank you cards for the rest of the week); and amazing cakes from Bondie Cupcakes, once again – a queen cake for Joe:


And a Paw Patrol cake for Hattie (that’s Skye’s helicopter):


Both kids were delighted with their cakes:


The birthday weekend continued after the kids’ bedtime last night, when I spent AGES wrapping their presents and getting things organised:


And we had a wee frenzy of present-unwrapping this morning:

Thankfully we don’t have any photos of me trying to assemble their new Playmobil toys without swearing.

The rest of the day was spent having our annual family photos taken (and believe me, they should be a hoot: Joe elected to be the class clown of the day, and Hattie turned rogue after half an hour and needed to be cajoled to participate), and then heading to the beach with various lovely family members who are in Auckland this week. And I have no photos of most of the day, as I’ve got a 2017 resolution that involves not using technology around the kids (that’s a whole other blog post).

I am so delighted to be Hattie and Joe’s mother, and so proud of the amazing people they’ve become. They are the funniest, brightest, sweetest, kindest little characters, and for every challenging moment they’ve given us, we get a hundred moments of joy. And if they start sleeping past 6.30am and eating anything other than complex carbohydrates one day, life will be utterly perfect.

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