Film critic

(Allow me to summarise why I never seem to manage to update my blogs these days: life as a full time third year Planning student is this: breakfast with the kids; study all day; see the kids for an hour or so before their bedtime; make and eat dinner; slump in front of the TV; sleep. This is, apparently, the worst semester of the whole degree, so hopefully that’s true and things will improve eventually.)

Hattie and Joe are awesome. They’re starting their third day of kindy soon, and they’re bright, sparky, kind, funny, capable, determined little characters. They’re also little sods at times, which is par for the course with four year olds from what I’m learning.

For tonight’s quick update I wanted to talk about Joe and films.

Joe can’t abide scary things, or even anything very suspenseful. He’s inherited this from Tristan and it’s very endearing, although it does result in wanting to leave Trolls because of the scary purple Bergens. He also struggled to contain his emotions when Branch sang True Colours – he’s adorable. And we’ve had to talk through things like the snow monster in Frozen, the dinosaurs in Ice Age 3, the sharks in Finding Nemo (and the diver who scarily pops up), and the scary boy and his mean toys in Toy Story (and he won’t watch those last two).

Recently, we went to The Little Mermaid at a Disney Princess Film Festival, and he and I left after five minutes (sharks; the sea witch). It became a Daddy and Hattie film date, and Joe and I went shopping instead.

But Joe doesn’t just base his film preferences on whether he finds something scary. We’ve recently discovered that his values are well established, and he’s unwilling to compromise them for mere entertainment. This came to light when he chose to veto Hattie’s DVD choice, which was The Lorax. But why, we asked – I couldn’t think of any scary moments. He set us straight: he disapproved of scenes in the film…

  • When the Lorax tells the Onceler to shut up, and
  • When the Onceler lies about being the one who cut down the trees.

I hope he always retains his gorgeous nature!

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