Flash Hattie

Do you ever feel worried about the state of the world, what with Trump, and Brexit, and the current National government? If so, take heart: in another decade or two we’ll have the super hero we all need and deserve.

thumb_4 years old Hattie & Joe 207_1024

Her name is Flash Hattie, and her super powers will be “running really fast, and flying”. Recently, she’s worked to broaden her skills to also include swimming really fast, so she can rescue people in peril at sea. I’m not sure whether she’s started practising the whole ‘flying’ thing, and I don’t want to ask her, in case it gives her ideas.

I asked her the other day about what Flash Hattie will wear. She’s got it all figured out:

  • Yellow long-sleeved tee
  • Yellow shorts
  • Blue mask
  • Blue shoes
  • Red cape with big yellow H on the back

If I could sew, I would make her a Flash Hattie outfit – I’m contemplating whether I can find somebody to sew one for her. Even without her Flash Hattie costume she’s started working on her super hero poses, whether she’s disguised as Bat Girl:


Or Spiderman:

thumb_Photo 13-01-17, 7 24 28 AM_1024

Or Super Girl:

thumb_4 years old Hattie & Joe 410_1024

In other news, Joe wants to be a princess when he grows up – but that’s a whole other blog post!

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