Felt flowers

Yesterday Hattie made a request for some “soft toy flowers”. I rarely have time for much any craft activities these days, but I needed to buy some bright pink fake fur in order to create Princess Poppy-style wigs for the kids’ friend Norah’s Trolls-themed fifth birthday party yesterday, so I also bought some felt and a packet of glittery buttons. And this afternoon, while catching up on Masterchef Australia – pretty much the only grown-up TV the kids are ever allowed to watch, on account of the contestants’ relentless positivity and the judges’ never ending kindness and empathy – I whipped these up:

You’d think I’d be roundly thanked by my two grateful children, wouldn’t you? Ha – have you spent any time with preschoolers recently?! Joe has complained because his three flowers aren’t identical to Hattie’s flowers (and let’s just pause for a moment and remember that he wasn’t the child who asked for flowers, so the fact that he’s been given any at all should be regarded as a special bonus). And Hattie? Well, Hattie is in a foul mood for some reason that we can’t quite unravel, but that might have something to do with vague dissatisfaction about a bloody awesome picture drawn to her exact specifications by her doting father.

Ah, these weekends are filled with such precious moments! And in case you’re wondering, the alternative title for this blog post is ‘My children are ungrateful little shits today’, but I thought that could be a bit of a downer…

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