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Farewell to kindy

Happy New Year! Gosh, so much has happened recently that I have been procrastinating about writing blog updates, because it seemed like there was too much to try to cover (also: I finished my semester and then immediately started working for one of the lecturers, so I haven’t exactly been blessed with spare time).

The biggest news is that Hattie and Joe have finished kindy! It was pretty emotional in the end – for me, anyway: the kids were refreshingly low-key about it. This is a side effect of having au pairs since babyhood, I think: they are pretty relaxed about saying goodbye to people (which is good for them, but not so great for the people who probably expect them to be a bit more emotionally attached). I just can’t believe that my two little pickles are starting school in six weeks’ time!

Our kindy – like most others in New Zealand and, I’m sure, elsewhere – has its own special rituals with which to commemorate children ‘graduating’. It’s adorable. Our kindy birthday mat times include several elements, and the kids themselves get to decide the best order for their own mat time. Hattie took the morning mat time slot, so Tristan and I watched with Pat (their Nanna, visiting for the summer) and Laura (our current au pair), and then we all came back in the afternoon for Joe’s mat time. Here are some photos of the various steps…

Wearing a crown designed, made, and decorated by the kids and their favourite teachers:

Sitting on a special throne:

Blowing out candles on a Playdoh cake they’ve made and decorated:

Grabbing their names off the ‘leaving for school’ wall and delivering it to their parents, while Lucy – their all-time favourite kindy teacher – pretends to try to stop them (SO cute):

Reading some highlights from their kindy portfolio:

Photo 18-12-17, 2 26 03 PM

And sharing some of the lovely things the teachers had written about them in their birthday cards, which they’d designed and decorated:

There were many steps I can’t really share (because there are too many other kids’ faces in the background), like the cool action songs they led, and the special clapping routines of their own design that they led the rest of the kindy through, and the way that the other kids ‘threw’ good wishes to them, to be caught in their birthday cards, with the kids then ‘locked up’ for safe-keeping. From beginning to end it was superb, and it totally epitomised the care, attention, and affection that this particular kindy extended towards Hattie and Joe while they spent their seven terms there. Their birthday mat times were celebrated on the Monday before Christmas, and then they were back at kindy on Wednesday for the Christmas party, and then on Thursday for their final official day at kindy, at which point they farewelled the teachers (and as the hug between Joe and Lucy shows, below, the kids will definitely miss their kindy, even if they’re not weeping about it):

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