Twin life

Hello 2019!

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you’ve had some relaxing time off. We had a good Christmas at home, with my parents visiting. Hattie and Joe were treated very well by Father Christmas and everybody else, and I’ve particularly enjoyed playing with the LEGO they’ve been given.

They were utterly knackered after their first year of school, so we’re trying to keep things relatively low-key over the holidays) which is easy to achieve, given that Tristan and I are back at work on Monday). However, their sixth birthday is fast approaching, with the usual party planned with two cakes and a guest list almost bigger than the total number of people who came to our wedding. We’ve lost touch with some twin friends from earlier days, but we’ve more than kept the overall friend numbers high with all the lovely kids they’ve met at school.

In other news, Hattie broke her arm a week ago (just a wee buckle fracture after slipping off a pole – nothing too serious), and we had several days of being unable to swim in very warm weather. Thankfully for us all her initial cast has now been replaced with a snazzy pink waterproof one, and hopefully that’ll come off in two weeks’ time.

Anyway, both kids are currently furious with me because I’ve heartlessly followed through with my promise that, when they got older, they’d have to start eating dinner with us like normal people. They’re struggling with new flavours (and it’s hardly like we’re trying to feed them curry, let’s face it), but we think they’re old enough now to handle the ‘take it or leave it’ approach. But after their failure to be properly try this evening’s chicken satay I’ve concluded that too many sweet things (toast and honey, jam sandwiches…) has dulled their palates. Obviously, the only answer is to reduce the amount of sweet stuff in their diet, but this news met with a very unhappy response from Hattie in particular. And Joe sat at the table for 20 minutes and listened to me say that, there was no other food available tonight if they didn’t eat dinner, and then followed me into the kitchen when I was cleaning up and asked, “Mummy, is there any chance of a smoothie?” The incredulity with which I responded made him furious as well. They’re currently watching PJ Masks, and bedtime can’t come soon enough…

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