Breast feeding

During the first 18 months of twin motherhood I wrote a wee bit about breast feeding, so here’s where you can find all of the relevant posts. And for the total avoidance of doubt (and as per my comment at the beginning of the first post I’ve shared below): I am not a member of the Breastapo! You are the only person who has the right to an opinion about how you feed your baby or babies. Breast milk is great, but so is formula. It honestly doesn’t matter in the general scheme of things – if your babies are fed, they’ll be fine. So please read the following just as information about what worked for me, and not as any ‘this is what you should do’ doctrine, OK?

This early post about breast feeding really made it sound as if things were going pretty well on the boob front. However, this was not entirely the case, as the next post explained…

Thanks for the mammaries is the post that most people read on my blog with regard to breast feeding – it sets out my battle to stick with nursing Hattie and Joe in the face of supply issues, latching issues… all sorts of issues! Spoiler alert: I managed to drop all formula top-ups and fully breast feed the kids from around ten weeks onwards. This meant that I took a lot of photos of blissed-out post-feed sleeping babies:


Still feeding talks about the breast feeding situation ten months later. I went on to wean the kids from their last feed on 16 August 2014, when they were 18 months old exactly. It was the easiest thing in the world: on 17 August we got them up in the morning and took them straight to the living room for a cup of milk, rather than stopping off in the parental bedroom for a wake-up breast feed. They never asked for a feed again.

Finally, here’s the delicious lactation cookie slice I made up when I got sick of making ordinary lactation cookies (I ate a lot of lactation cookies).